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Dyer Daniel Lum (1839 – 1893)

Dyer Daniel Lum (1839 – April 6, 1893) was a 19th-century American anarchist labor activist and poet. Lum was a prolific writer who wrote a number of key anarchist texts, and contributed to publications including Mother Earth, Twentieth Century, Liberty (Benjamin Tucker's individualist anarchist journal), The Alarm (the journal of the International Working People's Association) and The Open Court among others. Following the arrest of Albert Parsons, Lum edited The Alarm from 1892–1893.

Radical Parables of Bolton Hall

Bolton Hall (1854–1938) was an American lawyer, author and activist who worked on behalf of the poor and an early promoter of the back-to-the-land movement. A prolific writer, a large number of his essays took the form of radical parables.

The Anarchisms Archive

A collection of introductory texts on anarchism