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The Libertarian Labyrinth




The Libertarian Labyrinth collection contains items relating to the anarchist tradition and various closely related political traditions.


Shawn P. Wilbur


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Items in the The Libertarian Labyrinth Collection

Infidels Should Avow Their Sentiments.   MR. EDITOR:--Will the time over arrive when Infidels will feely avow their sentiments?—when all who doubt of the inspiration of the Bible will stand boldly forward and say, “I am an Infidel?” We know…

To A. C. Middleton:—I have read your communication in the Investigator of the 13th inst., requesting information about Meslier, other than that given by Voltaire, and will relate what has fallen in my reach. Naigeon, in his "Ancient and Modern…

The First Christians. [An Extract from the Writings of Voltaire.]   Mr. Editor:-I send you for publication an extract from Voltaire, if you think it deserving. Like most of his theological works, it was published under an assumed name. It is…

Syracuse, (N. Y.,) Nov. 6, 1860.   Mr. Editor:--A few years ago, when out of business, I amused myself by translating a work of Voltaire's, entitled "Important Examination." It is one of the richest works of that immortal person, and to me it…

Axioms.   I. Something exists. 1. This does not admit of doubt. 2. We can have no idea of nothing. II. Something always has existed, 1. Else there could be no existence. 2. Nothing could not create something. III. Something always will…